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Seyak Suuritah

Seyak is Py's younger brother. After the Suuritah family traveled to Iax, Seyak sought work with the cave dwelling keelit elves. Living in the keelit city Kierocuos has given Seyak keen street-smarts, and fed his growing fascination in politics and trade commerce. Seyak is the most level headed and financially secure member of the party.

When asked, Seyak will say he is a negotiator by trade, a skill in high demand to the financially minded keelit elves. What he won't volunteer is that he makes his real money in gathering and trading information. Seyak tends to have an intimidating and arrogant air, but can surprise people by becoming suddenly very friendly and approachable. His interest in world affairs is matched only by his fascination with people.