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Kai Teh'a

Kai is a felper from the jungle lands far to the south. She has only been traveling with Py's band for a short time, though she seems to know Py from long before. Kai serves as the party's scout, and her talent for foraging food and water comes in handy on long journeys.

Kai's father was a traveling merchant who took his family with him to trade salt and fruit with the elves and humans, so Kai is very well traveled. Kai can speak in several languages including Elvish, Orgish and Plainspeak, but her grammar is often poor and she regularly slips Felper words into her regular speech. Like most young felper, Kai has strong wilderness survival skills including hunting, tracking and foraging. Kai is unusual in that she is not married, as it is felper tradition for girls to be married by her age.