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Fillia Ferrin

Fillia is the daughter of a nomad tribe. She met Py when she left her tribe to study shaman and druid magic with the elves in Iax. She banded closely with Py and his friends when Farmhelm invaded Iax, and currently sees them as her new tribe. Fillia is married to a husband who travels with a different tribe - a practice common to young nomad couples seeking to build wealth to start a family.

Fillia is the eldest and possibly strongest of Py's band. She is a prodigy of shaman magic with a passion for herbalism and chemistry. Shortly after the Farmhelm invasion, Fillia noted that everyone with skills in spirit magic - herself and Py included - experienced a sudden, unexplained increase in ability. Since the war, she has been working with other spiritualist in Iax to study and document different forms of spirit magic and their effects.

Fillia's most amazing ability is lycantrophic transformation. During the light of the full moon, she can perform a ceremony to transform herself into a creature the resembles a bipedal wolf or back to human again. The ceremony takes three hours, and can not be performed again until the next full moon.