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Kir Felix

Kir Felix is a bounty hunter from Triadé. A very large price drove him across the desert to Iax, where he met Py and Tren. After loosing the mark, he found that demand for his trade was high in the Sylvan lands, and ended up joining the Farmhelm Enforcement Guild. On the surface, money is Kir's raison d'etre, but he has a peculiar loyalty to his new friends that he's reluctant to admit.

Kir is an above-average fighter who appears to hold to big talk and heavy ego over actual skill. He alternates between fighting with a Rapier in Plainslander Fencing Style and a heavy two-handed sword that he tends to simply swing barbarically. Both of Kir's swords were custom made for him, suggesting that he has some financial skills - though he is usually seen blowing his money on food and liquor as fast as he earns it.