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Python Suuritah

Python Suuritah, or Py for short, is the central character in The Elves of Iax, and occasionally the narrator. He has lead an eventful life so far, and is still only a young adult. He's an optimist and an idealist. He wants to believe everyone can live peacefully, yet he knows this is no small task, having seen the face of war firsthand.

As the child of two races, Py often finds himself caught between two very different cultures. Py is the first son of Stashek and Marie Suuritah, and is followed by his siblings, Seyak, Arick and Niahm. He grew up among humans in the farming village of Edgewood, but after his mother's death, he and his family moved to the elven city of Iax.

It is common tradition for sylvan elves to choose their own name when they are old enough. Py did this after a magical accident deformed his left hand. Py is the only one among his siblings to change to an elven name.

In the months before Farmhelm invasion of Iax, Py intensely studied healing magic. In his time in Iax, he has also picked up some basic elven plant magic, which is common and useful for day to day elven life. Py was also taught to defend himself with a staff by his best friend, Tren Jabros.