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Everyone who travels has a reason for doing so. When one feels they are on the right path, their will is stronger. A character's nature is their most important aspect to finding their way through the world of Iax.



Either by natural ability or vengeful spirit, these adventurers simply love the fight. A sense of honor follows them, as they see the battle as a beautiful thing.


Unlike warriors, the gladiator lusts for battle, always seeking a stronger opponent. The only honor greater then defeating your opponent is being killed under the blade of the mightier.


The Knights hold honor and chivalry above the fight itself, but fight with passion. Often these adventurers have something to fight for or someone to protect, or simply a true faith in god.



These adventurers are more at home in the wilderness then in the city. They love and protect the good and green of the world, and use nature's gifts to their advantage.


These adventurers are fascinated with the beasts. They either share a kinship with them or know their roll as the alpha predator. They have no particular aversion to society, but the hunt draws them towards the wild.


A strong distaste for civilization drives these adventurers to become true beasts. They shun the ways of the civilized and seek to gain strength from wilderness.



Money drives these adventures, always seeking the highest bidder. There is a certain honor among rogues, but their rules are their own.


The honorable bodyguard or the trustworthy mercenary, the privateer is driven by money but would rather go hungry then fight for an unjust cause.


Money talks and one must eat. Honor is useless if it gets in the way of profits or survival. Brutality can be a tool if it finishes the job and brings in the paycheck. After all, life is hard.



People suffer the world over, and it is this adventurer's task to help end such suffering. No sacrifice is too great to help those in need.


Like a Knight and a Healer, this adventurer is a true defender. They protect the weak, bandage the injured and punish the cruel and brutal.


Haunted by demons, the Martyr seeks to fight the evil inside. A martyr feels his only course is to alleviate the suffering of others and to take it as his own.



A negotiator has a passion for other people and cultures. They seek to learn new ways and languages in the hope of bringing strangers together in harmony, and to prevent and solve conflicts.


These adventurers are driven by the desire to see new lands and meet new peoples. The maps so popular among other adventurers were often first crafted by explorers.


Negotiation is for the weak. Rules are for you to set and others to follow. Surrender is what your opponents do if they wish to live. This adventurer wishes to rule the world, or as much of it as can be reached.


Born into royalty and taught to understand justice and people's rights, the Prince or Princess is on a quest for the good of the people.



So many books and so little time, the scholar seeks to understand the world. Be it history, science, magic or lore, the scholar seeks to learn and will go to any lengths to do so.


Power through magic is quintessential to the wizard. These adventurers see stronger spells and ultimate control over the spiritual or arcane.


To be at peace with the spirits is this adventurer's quest, and to be one with them is their greatest blessing. The spiritualist knows every man walks their own path and hears different spirits, and focuses on self-enlightenment.



A romantic believes in chivalry and love at first sight. They search the land for the perfect love, seeking desperately for the storybook romance.


Life is the most fun with other people. The flirt has a genuine curiosity about people, and loves to be close to everyone they meet.


Physical pleasure and personal contact are the reason for existence. The hedonist travels with a constant craving of new pleasures with new people.



The ways of god must be brought to all ears if they are to be saved from wrath and damnation. The saint wishes with all his heart to prevent the damnation of any soul that could be saved.


The pilgrim is lost, and turns to adventure to find something, though often they don't know what it is. They set obscure, sometimes random goals, trusting by faith that such quests will lead to the answers they crave.


Unlike the Pilgrim, the seeker has a clear quest and a single goal. The seeker knows their desires and their quests are focused plans for achieving them.


The monk has reached the point in their training where world experience is needed. They are driven by self enlightenment, self improvement and a desire to prove themselves to their master.



The creative spirit, a bard seeks adventure to add to their own repertoire. The bard wishes to see grand sights and epic adventures to someday turn them into beautiful works of art.


The politically minded artist, the jester knows the power of creativity to guide society. The jester hopes to learn about the world in order to change it through writing and art.


This adventure is so overwhelmed by their creativity that they simply can not live normal lives. They are driven to adventure by confusion and desperation caused by their uninhibited, overpowering creative spirit.



The homeless but not destitute, the wanderers are travelers who keep moving because they have no interest or means to plant their roots.

True Adventurer

The call of the quest is all the drive these adventurers need. They have faith, not in god or country, but in the quest itself. The true adventurer is rare, powerful, and no-longer destined for greatness, for they have already achieved it and passed beyond.