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News about the Elves of Iax

This site has been silent for a long, long time. I've been spending all of my energy on The Indies over at Studio Splurd. I do want to get back to The Elves one of these days, but life always seems to be in the way. I do have plans for a brand new version of the website, but sadly, they are only plans right now. I hope I'll have some real news for you soon.

Sep 05, 2009 - It's been quite a while since I worked on The Elves. Chapter Two has remained 50% complete for nine months now. I am right now at the PAX gaming convention. Conventions traditionally re-inspire me to be artistically creative. At present, the Splurdagumi and I are coming out with Papyrus within the week. I suppose I'm struggling to find the drive and focus to get back to Iax. I guess, much as I love The Elves, them being my oldest and most in-depth creation, I'm at a loss as to what I'm ultimately capable of accomplishing. There's so many aspects of Iax, and I"m so very stubborn about how each is presented. The Splurdagumi and I gave the Elves of Iax RPG a test run this summer and had a great deal of fun with it. I think I will put my next burst of energy into that, as it is perfect for building the website's content. Encouragement is welcome.

Dec 21, 2008 - I just finished page 6/7 of chapter two. Just to put things into perspective, the last spread I finished was on June 18th. Nothing else to report, just moving on to the next one.

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